Saturday, October 30, 2010

Diesels, Steamers and Snowplows

Long Island Rail Road ALCo 1556 got some TLC this weekend on one of the first steps in getting her to operating condition. 1556 received many cans of lubricates with much needed TLC on many parts of the locomotive. The main focus of the work done so far has been the cleaning of the fuel injectors, lubricating them so they were able to once again open and close properly. All the doors on the locomotive also received much needed lubrication, helping to give the locomotive a better general inspection, getting in every little corner. The work presently being done is to prepare 1556 for a start up in the Spring 2011, to keep the locomotive in the best mechanical shape possible for when the day comes when she will one again pull passenger trains. Special Thanks goes to our new member Steve Wolbert for getting this project started, and Anthony DeBellis for assisting in the work. BEDT Engine 16 has gotten additional coats of paint in the last few weeks. At this point the entire locomotive has at least one coat of paint on it with some having 2. The handrails have also been painted, making Engine 16 look 110% better making her the new crown jewel of the museum as you pull up to the Riverhead Site. There is still a long way to go, but 16 is protected for the winter and looks great! Special Thanks Anthony DeBellis, Dick Horn, George Wybenga, Don Fisher, Joe Costa Sr. Joe Costa Jr. Mike Arnold, Dave Stagliano, Matt Stagliano, Rich Clark, Joe Saullo, Steve Sucic, "The Shipwrights." for all there hard work so far on Engine 16. 16 has also worked on lubricating 16's driver's to prepare for them to be returned back under the locomotive and on rails. The cosmetic restoration of BEDT #16 is made possible in part by grants from the Suffolk County Department of Economic Development & Workforce Housing, the Long Island Sunrise Trail Chapter - NRHS and the generosity of RMLI members. Thank you to all for your help in preserving the history of New York State! Work has also started to restore two Historic Station Lamps that where donated to the museum a number of years ago. The two lamps have both received sanding with new paint. President Don Fisher has rewired the lamps in preparation for there installation on the new deck being built for the LIONEL train layout. These two lamps will provide additional light for security at the Riverhead Museum, and of course will help to keep the deck bright! Work has also progressed on the new Deck and Handicap Entrance Ramp for the LIONEL LAYOUT. The deck will be complete in the next few weeks, with the main structure of the deck complete. Cement has also been poured next to the deck connecting the parking lot better with the ramp for smother entrance. The deck will also be used as a loading dock for the wood shop on the east end of the building the LIONEl layout is in. The new structure will make getting into the building easier. The Historic LIONEL Visitor's Center Layout has also progressed. The mountains ans scenery have received much work in the past few weeks. Track work ha also been done enabling us to run 2 train on the layout. The entire layout is also once again in one piece enabling us to focus on getting trains running. Many light fixtures have been installed to enhance viewing of the layout. Snowplow W-93 of our sister organization, Twin Forks NRHS has gotten some more paint. The nice new and shinny gloss black on the plow gives the Riverhead RR yard a hole new look, making the Plow a nice treat for museum visitors. The Chapter plans to restore the plow to her original LIRR black paint scheme. This is a nice start. 93 looks good guys, keep up the good work Twin Forks!